Historic Mark

Customizable polymer seal
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The Historic Mark is a customizable polymer seal. The mold is created by the direct reproduction of an original wax seal, thus giving our product the same characteristics as a handmade historic mark. Its advantages are that it is practical, durable, and affordable. The Historic Mark is customizable and ready to use and its three-dimensional curvature which fits perfectly to the curvature of the bottle makes it easy to position. It comes with or without double-sided tape, depending on the type of application the wine cellar would like to use. Normally, this tends to be double-sided tape or glue. Its impact resistance makes it much more durable than the fragile sealing wax that breaks at the slightest touch. However, its price is, undoubtedly, its greatest advantage; in fact, it costs far less than the original sealing wax and it cuts the manual labor required for the application down to a minimum. We also offer the Historic Mark in a flat version for use on surfaces that are either flat or linear (uncurved). The color offered in the catalog is Red Standard Seal. However, a different color may be custom-made upon request giving each wine producer the possibility to create the perfect color seal that best suits their type of wine, bottle, and packaging.

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