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The staves of wood used in the creation of Ametrin's barrels are derived from some of the highest quality oak, grown and matured slowly. The scrupulous choice of wood along with the craftsmanship of our master coopers guarantee high quality in all product types: barriques, tonneaux, round and oval casks, and conical trunk vats. The lumber used for our barrels arrives exclusively from Slavonia, an historic region in eastern Croatia that is partially made up of dense forests and fertile flat land. This particular wood enables and guarantees uniformity and consistency for our products over time. The essences we use for our barrels production are Oak, Acacia, Cherry Wood and Chestnut. With Ametrin, you are not just purchasing a barrel, but you will also be steadfastly followed by our expert consultants through each phase, from the initial selection of the barrel all the way to the taste testing of your final product (whether it be wine, beer, or a distilled spirit). Our experience and profound knowledge of the barrels we offer allow us to help our end users achieve desired results in the refinement of wine.