String Tie

Automatic system to secure the cork of a bottle with a string
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The String Tie is a technological innovation for the food and wine sectors that allows one to automatically secure the cork of a wine bottle with a string. The String Tie model is composed of two braided polyester strings and a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) ring. The ring is equipped with an innovative “Fit-n-Lock” system that allows it to perfectly fit the neck of the bottle during its application and to lock itself into place once it has passed over the collar of the bottle. The plaited strings work to securely and effectively fasten the cork into place. The String Tie has been specifically made as a closure for bottles of still and semi-sparkling wine. When using the String Tie it is no longer necessary to use the heat-shrinking capsules or the cork cage, which , therefore, leaves the cork in plain sight while highlighting the brand of the wine cellar. With its unique, innovative, and impressive closure system the String can render any bottle of wine exclusive and identifiable within the vast selection of wines on the market. The color of both the ring and strings are customizable, giving each wine producer the possibility to create a tie that best suits their type of wine, bottle, and packaging.