Technical cork stopper suitable for still wines
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The Innocork is a technical cork stopper suitable for still wines. Its cellular structure is that of high quality cork combined with a patented food grade polymer that causes no interaction with the wine. Its composition is approved by the FDA and it is a 100% recyclable product. The Innocork is different from the traditional agglomerate in that it has been produced through a molding process without the use of glue or additives. This cork protects against leakage and is impermeable, therefore, leaving the wine unaltered; in other words, there are no organoleptic changes or development of harmful substances. Our manufacturing process favors the complete elimination of mold and bacteria, thus guaranteeing a completely sterile, TCA-free cork (CEVAQOE Certified). The Innocork has high elasticity, does not crumble, and is dust-free. Furthermore, its sealing capacity remains constant over time and it does not require constant contact with the wine. Innocork, Innovation in cork making.